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What is HF EEFL?

The reason why existing EEFL uses for backlight for LCD TV and slim light panel limitedly in spite of its outstanding features of long lifespan and cheap price is the lack of luminous flux by small diameter less than 8mm, relatively low efficiency and easy to break.
HF-EEFL stands for High-Flux EEFL, and means EEFL with abundant luminous flux.
We broke the social convention that the larger diameter is, the more difficult the manufacturing of lamp is in the case of EEFL, then succeeded to the development of HF-EEFL which increases efficiency and luminous flux rapidly compared to existing EEFL.

Through HF-EEFL having both new features such as high luminous flux, efficiency and mechanical stability and existing EEFL��s advantage such as long lifespan and cheap price, EEFL can be used not only for LCD and lighting for some special advertising but also for general lighting and special lighting.

  • HF-EELF can be produced in the optimized design for manufacturing, driving, and system consisting so it is the most suitable for followed places.
  • where the problem is frequent replacement cycle of existing fluorescent lighting
  • where the problem is high electricity charges by using many lamps
  • where the problem is expensive price of general long lifespan lamp
  • where requires smooth brightness dimming
  • where requires natural lighting with high dichroism

features of HF EEFL

Long lifespan : reduction of maintenance cost
- general lifespan : 50,000 hour (50% of initial light speed) (about 3 years and 6 months if it turns on all day)
- effective lifespan : 30,000 hour (70% of initial light speed) (about 5 years and 10 months if it turns on all day)



1) reduction of installation cost
By its feature, it reduces installation cost compared to existing fluorescent lighting because a large number of lamps can be connected in parallel by one inverter then lighted at the same time.
2) reduction of power consumption

Fluorescent lighting (electric type) HF-EEFL Note
Number of lamp 32W 10 lamps 10W 16 lamps
Power 32W x 10EA + 10% = 360[W] 10W x 16EA + 10% = 180[W] 50% Reduction of power
Length of lamp/ diameter 1198mm/28mm 1150mm/12mm
Panel thickness about 100mm less than 50mm 50% decrease in thickness
Lifespan 6,000 hours
(about 8months)
30,000 hours
(about 3 years and 5 months)
5 times increase in life
Electricity Prices(1 Year / luminaire) About 409,968 won about 204,984 won Annually reducing 204,984 won

* If it uses during several years, maintenance cost of HF-EEL is much less than those of fluorescent lighting due to replacement cost of outworn fluorescent lighting.

High efficiency
Its efficiency is over 80[lm/W] so it shows very excellent efficiency.
Environmentally friendly
Its mercury content is less than 5mg which is less than existing fluorescent lighting. The amount of used mercury per hour is extremely less due to long lifespan, so it satisfies RoHS and WEEE, EU environmental standars.

Usage of HF EEFL

- replacement of existing fluorescent lamp
- building lighting, factory lighting, shops, warehouses, exhibition halls and general house lighting
- place required lighting with long lifespan because of lighting for 24 hour
  (tunnel / underground / hospitals / public offices / convenience store)